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Wobbly Baby Giraffe – one day old

This weekend we did a family day out to Marwell Wildlife in Hampshire (about 8 miles from Winchester).

One of the nicest parts of our visit this time was seeing the 1 day old wobbly little giraffe baby with its Mum Isabella – if you click the pic it will take you to my Flickr page where you can watch a very short video clip of it stumbling across to the hay basket (the keepers haven’t been able to identify if it’s a boy or a girl yet)

Click the pic to watch a mini clip on Flickr

Most of my photos didn’t come out too well but here are a handful of the better ones

Lounging ring-tailed lemurs

Ocelot having a nap

Thirsty Tiger

Wendy the hippo having a yawn

A cheeky little chipmunk

We booked the tickets on line which means you don’t have to queue at the gate and it also gets you a 5% discount. We took a giant picnic as there are lots of open areas and picnic tables throughout the park.

We’ve been to Marwell quite a few times now and it’s lovely -it’s set in 140-acres and is home to over 180 exotic and endangered species, in beautiful, landscaped surroundings. We arrived at about 10.30am and didn’t struggle to fill a whole day – we left at 6 o’clock closing time.  There are lots of friendly, helpful and knowledgeable volunteer staff at the park who will come and chat with visitors and share interesting snippets about the animals and various events happening throughout the day. I’d give it 10 out of 10 on the ‘good-day-out-ometer’. 🙂


Fancy Fimo Buttons & Animals

Hello, just a quick post today. I wanted to show you one of my best Christmas presents. These lovely rainbow coloured Fimo buttons were handmade for me by my clever 8 year old god-daughter Lucy. Aren’t they fabulous!

And these brilliant little creatures are on display in our living room. You can see by my finger in the picture how small they are – I’m amazed at how much detail she’s managed. Mine is the lovely green frog with his own little present and Mr Sock is the the owner of the terrific tiger – who came with his own fimo cake! 🙂

Tiger theTortoiseshell Cat – Sock Portrait

Tiger posing for the camera

This is Tiger. Recently her lovely owner sent me this request:

I have a beautiful tortoiseshell cat called Tiger and I would love a sock cat in her colours. She has a white bib with lots of ginger tabby and dark tabby markings. I don’t expect an exact replica – but is this something you could do? Just to be difficult, her left leg is white but her right leg is mainly that lovely ginger tabby colour with a white paw – she’s very fashion conscious!

I love challenges like this so of course I replied yes and we swapped a few emails about sock shopping and cat colours before I started. Eventually I found a pair of socks that I thought were quite close to tortoiseshell, in a tiger stripe design. I chose to attach the legs with buttons as this gives a little bit of posability (don’t think that’s a real word but never mind!). This was stage one that went back for commenting by the ‘real’ Tiger and her owner.

Sock Tigerpuss Stage 1

Her Furry Ladyship recommended an adjustment to her white area as this reaches all the way under her chest almost to her back legs. And she also quite fancied having a red or orange ribbon around her neck.

So we all decided on some white fun fur for the alteration and Tiger chose a lovely red velvet for the neck ribbon. Here’s the finished Sock Tigerpuss who is now thoroughly at home with ‘real’ Tiger and my lovely new customer. 🙂

Sock Tigerpuss enjoying the sunshine
Sock Tigerpuss showing off her velvet bow
Is that a bird under the bush?
Sock Tigerpuss sitting pretty

I really enjoyed this project and it’s been a pleasure chatting through the details with Tigers’ ‘Mum’ . Thank you T & L 🙂

If any readers would like to commission a Sock Portrait of their pet I’d be happy to chat it through – just leave a comment here or you can message me on Facebook or via my Folksy shop – OddSox and I’ll get back to you.

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