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Alan in the Glasshouse

We visited the beautiful RHS gardens at Wisley last weekend. When Alan heard they have a Glasshouse he wanted to come too. I think it was mainly an excuse to get out of working in The Sock Garden on a hot day!

The Glasshouse

MMMM they look like pineapples - wonder if I could sneak one out under my hat?

No Alan, don't touch - you'll get us thrown out!

What beautiful orchids - Bob Flowerpot is going to be so jealous when he sees this pic!

Oh Alan - why do you always get into trouble - you'll have a very sore bottom for days now!

It's thirsty work trekking round the Glasshouse - just time for a quick drink before we go home.



Alan’s at it again!

Percy Grower, Bob Flowerpot and Alan Pitchfork finally ventured out into the garden today to start clearing up.

Stop hanging around and get on with it

Assessing the damage

Assessing the damage

Bob Flowerpot checks the Hyacinth growth

Of course it’s not long before Alan gets sidetracked with other things…

How are you my little HooterNinnie?

Alan gives Snowy the garden dog a pat

Alan feeds peanuts to the recycled garden birds

Alan rides the cock horse - "Look - no hands!"

That’s quite enough messing about for one day Alan, back to work before Percy has something to say about it!

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