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Sock Dragon & Vampire Monkey

I keep meaning to write a little post about these brilliant drawings by my god-daughter, she did them a few months ago when she was 8. She’s definitely got a talent with paper and pencil. I thought they were just right to work up into sock versions. This one is Rocky the Dragon, I particularly like his eye detail and great big toothy grin…



and this one is a rather scary vampire monkey, complete with scars, wounds and squirting blood!

evil sock monkey

vampire monkey

I really enjoyed making these from her drawings. I took a photo of each one alongside the drawing and put them into picture frames so she had Rocky the Sock Dragon and her brother had Vampire Sock Monkey for their 9th birthdays (a couple of days before Christmas).

I gave her a set of Sharpie pens and drawing pad for Xmas so I’m hoping I might get to see some new creature designs 🙂 Hint Hint!

Alan’s got a girlfriend!

Alan opens the parcel

I entered a giveaway a couple of weeks ago and my goody box has just arrived. Alan Pitchfork was desperate to open the parcel. He’d had a sneak peek at the prizes on the Chantal Loves Vintage blogsite and was smitten with the Lady Hotdogandme Sock Dog, and thought the Yeahbut would make a good pal to mess about in the garden with. Here he is meeting his new friends…

Alan makes friends with Yeahbut

Alan with his new girlfriend, Lady Hotdog&Me

Thank you Chantal, I thoroughly enjoyed browsing through all the lovely goodies. I don’t have an i-pod so I’m using the flowery felt pouch for my all important scissors and the drawstring bag is being used to stash my work-in-progress sewing 🙂

The Sock Gardeners get freemotion portraits!

After practicing my freemotion sewing recently by making a freemotion sewing portrait purse of Alan Pitchfork (the foolish sock gardener) – his two pals felt a little bit jealous and wanted their own potraits!

So not to be mean, I had a go. Here are the chaps with their purses…

Percy Grower is quite pleased with his – he thinks he looks rather dashing with his flowery headband!

Bob Flowerpot on the other hand is very hard to please. He thinks he looks too fat and rather like a frog! (Actually, I think he’s right!)

And silly Alan Pitchfork likes everything, so he’s very happy with the way he looks. He’s especially pleased that he’s got two purses and the others only have one!

I might have to re-think the shape of Bob and have another go. And then maybe I’ll try some other freemotion sewing sock creature portrait purses. Sock monkey heads would probably be fun. Any suggestions from the creatures I have in my shop?

Which monster would you choose? Please vote

After a super weekend craft fair I have to stock up on Sock Cats, Sock Bunnies and Sock Monster Aliens ready for another fair on Sunday 11th at Penta Hotel in Reading. As I’ve got limited time I’d be interested to know which of the Monster Alien designs in the two pics below you would choose as your favourite.

Thank you to everyone who takes part and please feel free to leave any new suggestions in the comments 🙂

Monster Alien - Pic 1

Sock Monster Alien - Pic 1

Sock Monster Alien - Pic 2

Christmas Craft Fair Stall pics

I’ve already attended a couple of craft fairs this month, one at St Barts School, Newbury and the other at The Watermill Theatre, Bagnor.  It was lovely to catch up with some old faces and also meet some new stallholders and swap a few ideas. I’ve been busy stocking up on some favourite items such as sock monkeys, bunnies, cats, owls and monsters, Door-Mice, Amigurumi HooterNinnies (aka hedgehogs) and other cute crocheted creatures plus quite a few new items such as sock pixies, fabric baskets, coin purses, makeup bags and tree decorations. Here are a few of my OddSox stall pics:

I’ve been out this weekend for a sock buying top-up to replenish stock ready for my next fair on 3rd and 4th December at Yew Tree Garden Centre, Ball Hill, Newbury. I’ll be doing a separate post soon with the details of times and what’s going to be on offer.

If you’re in the area do pop along – you could get your Christmas tree at the same time as a few gifts 🙂

A Pile of Pixies

I’m currently working on a pile of little Sock Pixies with pretty ribbon hangers. I thought they’d make fun tree decs or stocking fillers. This batch are made from some gorgeous baby socks I found recently in Mothercare – one of my favourite places for a good selection of different designs and colours.

I’ve just had a coffee and cake break (New York Vanilla Cheesecake – scrummy) – now back to Pixie stuffing.

I’m hoping to have lots ready for my first Christmas craft fair on the 11th November. Of course if anyone wants one before then just let me know 🙂 Or pop over to my Folksy OddSox shop as there are still a few Pocket Pixies.

Christmas Gift & Craft Fair – Sunday 13th Nov – Newbury


St. Bartholomew’s School, Christmas Gift & Craft Fair, Newbury

Sunday 13th November 2011

If you’re in the Newbury area and would like to give unique handmade gifts for Christmas presents this year, the St. Bart’s Christmas Fair will have lots to offer including jewellery, cards, food treats, toys, pampering gifts, homewares and decorations. There will be over 60 stalls and the event is in it’s 13th year so is very well established and attended.

I’ll be there with my sock creatures, Amigurumi creations and other fabric goodies under my OddSox name…

Hope to see you there!

Tiger theTortoiseshell Cat – Sock Portrait

Tiger posing for the camera

This is Tiger. Recently her lovely owner sent me this request:

I have a beautiful tortoiseshell cat called Tiger and I would love a sock cat in her colours. She has a white bib with lots of ginger tabby and dark tabby markings. I don’t expect an exact replica – but is this something you could do? Just to be difficult, her left leg is white but her right leg is mainly that lovely ginger tabby colour with a white paw – she’s very fashion conscious!

I love challenges like this so of course I replied yes and we swapped a few emails about sock shopping and cat colours before I started. Eventually I found a pair of socks that I thought were quite close to tortoiseshell, in a tiger stripe design. I chose to attach the legs with buttons as this gives a little bit of posability (don’t think that’s a real word but never mind!). This was stage one that went back for commenting by the ‘real’ Tiger and her owner.

Sock Tigerpuss Stage 1

Her Furry Ladyship recommended an adjustment to her white area as this reaches all the way under her chest almost to her back legs. And she also quite fancied having a red or orange ribbon around her neck.

So we all decided on some white fun fur for the alteration and Tiger chose a lovely red velvet for the neck ribbon. Here’s the finished Sock Tigerpuss who is now thoroughly at home with ‘real’ Tiger and my lovely new customer. 🙂

Sock Tigerpuss enjoying the sunshine
Sock Tigerpuss showing off her velvet bow
Is that a bird under the bush?
Sock Tigerpuss sitting pretty

I really enjoyed this project and it’s been a pleasure chatting through the details with Tigers’ ‘Mum’ . Thank you T & L 🙂

If any readers would like to commission a Sock Portrait of their pet I’d be happy to chat it through – just leave a comment here or you can message me on Facebook or via my Folksy shop – OddSox and I’ll get back to you.

Matthews’ Monster Sock Spider

A few weeks ago my 7yr old god-daughter came round for a Sock Crafternoon and made a fabulously cute little sock teddy, complete with hat and belly button jewel. Today her twin brother Matthew came round for his Sock Crafternoon and we made something pretty scary!

We decided on a little plan of action, so whilst I made some sandwiches for our lunch Matthew got to work on drawing up his design and choosing the perfect scary sock, legs, buttons and eyes for the job. He’s been named Deadly Mont the Monster Sock Spider and this is the master artwork of him hanging from his poisonous web string.

You’ll notice that he has more legs on one side than the other due to some rather vicious battling, and during the making process Matthew decided it might be fun to sew his missing leg  to the wrong side! So he has 5 legs on one side and 3 on the other which makes him walk in a very strange way!

The reason that Mont is deadly is the rather cunning addition of a special web and poison chamber. It’s disguised by a button on the end of his tail that stores poison and has silky red web string wound around it. At a moments notice Mont can attach his web loop to the nearest object whilst spraying poison to stun his prey, sounding his internal squeaker alarm and dropping to a safe level during the stunning process. What a fiendishly clever idea!

So beware when you’re out for a nice country walk or maybe doing a bit of snipping in the garden, if you see anything resembling stripey legs poking out of the vegetation, turn and run!

Oh yes, almost forgot, Matthew said that the sparkle in Mont’s red felt tongue is actually spit… probably all that’s left of his prey after a tasty meal 😦

What a brilliant creature, even if he is a bit deadly! Thanks for a lovely afternoon Matthew 🙂

Piglet in Socks

I’ve just mailed my latest sock commission today. I was asked to make a sock Piglet in the style of Disney Piglet. Here he is – not quite so bright pink – it’s difficult to find exactly the right colours and patterns, but I think he’s pretty close. He’s certainly got that fat little tum!

He’s made from two kinds of sock, a pale pink one for head, ears, snout and limbs – his arms are attached with buttons to give them a bit of movement. And his body is made from part of a leg of girls thick, soft stripey tights. He has embroidery silk eyes and eyebrows and a pink felt mouth and wears a matching pink bow around his neck.

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