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Brighton Graffiti

We’ve just had a week off work and amongst other things we spent a thoroughly enjoyable few days in Brighton. We stayed in the Umi hotel with a lovely seafront view and a pretty decent full English breakfast.

The weather was typically tricky, warm and sunny to start with turning into heavy grey clouds, a brisk wind and fairly persistent rain. Perfect for browsing The Lanes, eating cake and spending lots of 2p’s in the amusement arcades  – British bliss!

Here are a few pics from our visit that caught my eye…

I love this stuff… Cassette Lord is a Graffiti artist responsible for decorating these boring old switch boxes as part of a council community project. You can read an interview with him here and view lots more pics of his cassette grafitti on Flickr

St George’s Mews hairdressers is just one example of the stunning wall graffiti around Brighton

Couldn’t resist this giant decorated cat in the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery foyer

And the beautiful merry-go-round painted horses on Brighton Pier

Oh look, what a surprise… Alan Pitchfork on Brighton beach leaving behind some pebble self-portrait graffiti. He did it with a Sharpie pen – they’re supposed to be permanent so the sea will surely be the best test of that! But I guess we’ll never know the answer…


Alan TicketMaster?

We’ve been to the cinema today and guess who had to come along…

Roll Up, Roll Up, getcha tickets ‘ere!

I think he secretly wants to be a movie star and thinks that this will get his sock in the door!

He’s such a handful but have no fear… there’s an on-loan Supahero about to arrive quite soon from Thingers & Fumbs


Recycled Folksy Friday

This week I’ve chosen a few of the imaginatively recycled items on offer from the Folksy shops…

Cereal Box Necklace

Candle in a Mustard Tin

Floorboard Mirror

Sweet Wrapper Hatpin

Vegetable Bag Planters

Vinyl Record Keyring

  1. Cereal Box Necklace – Jayfa Jewellery
  2. Candle in a Mustard Tin – Mr Wick
  3. Victorian Floorboard Mirror – Garwerth
  4. Sweet wrapper Hatpin – Tusen Takk
  5. Vegetable Sack Planters – Lucky Bird
  6. Vinyl Record Keyring – Sisily Love

What d’you think? I love all of them – they’re  such clever ideas.

Has anyone else done any cool recycling?

Here’s a couple of pics of some ornaments we made for our garden from chicken wire stuffed with chopped up plaggy bags…  Snowy the dog and the colourful garden birds – being tended by Alan Pitchfork the Sock Gardener (& his pet HooterNinnie)!


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