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Fabric House Christmas Decorations

I have quite a few craft fairs coming up over the next couple of months so I’ve been trying to get a few Christmas items made. I went to a Doughty fabric sale recently and bought some lovely cream coloured cotton with simple red Scandinavian style Xmas shapes and some pretty green flowery print cotton. I came home with a few other choices too – a very dangerous place to spend a fortune if fabric’s your thing!

I’d spotted some lovely hanging house decorations in one of my sewing books and fancied making up my own house pattern using the book method as a guide to putting them together. I used my newly purchased fabric plus a collection of other Christmas patterns from my stash. I’m quite pleased with them – just wish I had a lovely fireplace to hang a few from!

Pieces cut and being decorated with doors, windows, trees, buttons & …

Sparkly stuff!

All strung and sewn together ready for stuffing

All stuffed and closed ready for hanging

I’m hoping there might be the odd bright sky moment over the weekend so I can get some pics taken to put a few in my OddSox shop as well as my craft fairs.

Next task is to sew some orange felt carrot noses onto my latest batch of sock snowmen…

Have a good weekend all. 🙂

Fabulous Fabric Fish & Baskets

I’m doing a bit of multi-tasking this afternoon. My computer desk and sewing machine table sit next to each other so I’m alternating between listing some new fabric fish in my OddSox Folksy shop, and sewing together some fabric baskets with freemotion birds on the front.

The fish are made from a collection of really lovely fabrics. The 100% cotton fabric came as a ‘jelly roll’ (I think that’s what it’s called anyway) – which is about 40 strips of complementary patterns and colours 44″ long x 2.5″ wide from the  ‘Howard Marcus for Moda’ range. I think they are often used for quilt making but I don’t have the patience to make such a large item so fish it is!

Just got the blue ones left to list now…

This is my first batch of fabric baskets, they just need to have the ‘turning inside out hole’ sewn shut by hand. These will be coming along to my craft fairs which start next month.

After the fish listing I’ll be putting more new sock creatures and amigurumi cuties into the shop over the next couple of days – please do pop by and have a look.

Thank you and have a good weekend 🙂

The Sock Gardeners get freemotion portraits!

After practicing my freemotion sewing recently by making a freemotion sewing portrait purse of Alan Pitchfork (the foolish sock gardener) – his two pals felt a little bit jealous and wanted their own potraits!

So not to be mean, I had a go. Here are the chaps with their purses…

Percy Grower is quite pleased with his – he thinks he looks rather dashing with his flowery headband!

Bob Flowerpot on the other hand is very hard to please. He thinks he looks too fat and rather like a frog! (Actually, I think he’s right!)

And silly Alan Pitchfork likes everything, so he’s very happy with the way he looks. He’s especially pleased that he’s got two purses and the others only have one!

I might have to re-think the shape of Bob and have another go. And then maybe I’ll try some other freemotion sewing sock creature portrait purses. Sock monkey heads would probably be fun. Any suggestions from the creatures I have in my shop?

Sock Bunny Making Birthday Party


My god daughter Lucy turned 8 just before Christmas and today was her ‘official’ birthday party. She invited four special friends to her house for a Sock Bunny making party. I had the pleasure of being Chief Bunny Maker and Lucy’s Mum was Assistant Bunny Maker.


All the girls had a bag of bunny body bits, stuffing, a needle and a ‘made by’ badge. They listened very carefully and soon got stuck into to pushing the stuffing into bunny legs, ears, bottoms, bodies and faces – we used chopsticks to help get into the little nooks and crannies. It’s quite a fiddly process and the girls made excellent jobs of creating their bunny bodies.


Next we were ready to start sewing.  The task was to attach bunny head to bunny body. I gave a short demo of how to do this part and again they were all very attentive and keen to get going. They did brilliantly with their sewing and we had a lovely set of bunnies all ready to have their faces put on.


After all that busy activity it was time for a lunch break. Chicken nuggets, sausages, crispy items, lots of lovely triangle sandwiches – we had to fight for the egg ones as young Paige was a bit of an egg sandwich fiend! We got away with only one drink being knocked over, fortunately just missing the bunnies in the corner – I think I soaked up most of it! Lunch over – time to choose faces & chop up some socks to make hats and clothes.


And here are the results of the girls’ hard work. Aren’t they good – each one completely different with its own little character. Great bunnies and a really lovely group of girls – very polite, well behaved and of course talented…





CHLOE made by Birthday Girl LUCY (with demo bunny Katie)

I think Willow the family dog was feeling a little bit left out as she brought her own soft toy along for a photograph!

WILLOW with her own bunny!

A big thank you to Lucy for letting me be Chief Bunny Maker, thank you to the Assistant Bunny Maker for being a brilliant helper and lunch maker and an equally big thank you to Eleanor, Ella, Paige and Louise for being such delightful young Bunny Makers. I hope you all had a good time. 🙂
For more bunnies and other cute creatures take a trip to my Folksy OddSox shop.

Experimenting with Free Motion Sewing

I’ve been wanting to have a go at free motion sewing for ages now, and I finally got around to it recently. I had to improvise with my sewing machine a bit as I don’t have the correct foot for free motion, it involved lowering the feed dogs and working without a foot – a bit scary when your fingers start getting close to the needle! The results are a bit shaky but I think that’s part of the charm of it really – it’s not supposed to be perfect!

It certainly had me absorbed for quite some time trying out different coloured threads, fabrics, paper, shapes and lettering. After I’d done a few I turned a couple of them into little lavender hangers – I’m using the bird one as a pincushion…

And then I decided to make some of these fabric baskets and apply a bird to each one. They’re now sitting on the shelf above my sewing machine stuffed with all kinds of crafty things – threads, buttons, ribbons and felt.

You can probably tell I quite enjoyed making the little birds! I’ll definitely be making more of these baskets, they’re so useful. Now I’m comfortable with the pattern I’m hoping it should be easy enough to adapt it to different sizes.

The pattern for the baskets is from a lovely book called Zakka Sewing (25 Japanese projects for the household) by Therese Laskey & Chika Mori.

I’m experimenting with free motion sewing at a smaller size now and using my badge machine to make fabric badges rather than the usual paper ones. I’ll do another blog with some of the results another day 🙂

Knock Knock – who’s there?

What’s your craft background & how did you choose your shop name?

I have always been creating something, starting with the Barbie clothes, dressing up my dog…. I have been also drawing and painting a lot since I was a little girl. I have then studied fashion design (equivalent to british A levels). After that I realise that this is my passion – making things, sewing, crocheting, drawing, painting……..

My shop name comes from my first name, my surname’s initial and the word designs, which describes exactly what it is I think – my designs 🙂

Are you a full time craftsperson or do you have other jobs too?

I am a full time mum and trying to get this craft business going and hopefully it will become my full time job.

If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be? Positively crazy 🙂

What was your favourite TV programme as a kid? Friends and I loved all of the Disney cartoons

If you were to be invited to a celebrity’s house for dinner who would it be and what gift would you take them from your shop?

What an exciting question! Hmm – The Queen and I would probably take this green crochet bejewelled brooch

How do you promote yourself?


If you were stuck on a desert island and were allowed to take one new crafting project with you based on something you admire in another shop, what would it be?

I would take everything from the polka shop – absolutely adore the shop

What couldn’t you do without?

Scissors and crochet hook – I could not do any of my stuff without them

What’s your favourite or most inspirational place? My mind, my dreams

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? Patience young lady, patience

What question would you like to ask to yourself? And then answer it if you can! Q: Why are you so impatient? A: I blame the genes


Eva, thank you for taking part in The Sock Garden Knock Knock blog. You have a lovely bright outlook which obviously spills over into your gorgeous creations 🙂

I hear you’re going to be getting married soon so many congratulations – I hope you have a super day. x

…To take a closer look at Eva’s work just nip over to her Folsky shop ‘EvaBDesigns’ or click on any of the pics. Thanks for reading and we’d love to have your comments.


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