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Ugly Amigurumi… Cute Amigurumi…

It was my birthday last month and I was rather excited to get these three new Amigurumi crochet books as part of my gifts…

The one I wanted to try first was from Crochet Bakemono (by Lan-Anh Bui & Josephine Wan) because it had a pattern for a creature with two heads called ‘Mono-Mono’, not as separate pieces to be sewn together at the end, but an all-in-one pattern. Now I’ve learnt how to do that I’ll certainly be putting the technique into practice with some of my own creations. The instructions are really easy to follow and there are plenty of good creature shots and fun stories to go with the characters.

My next creature from this book was based on the pattern for the monster called ‘Takomon’  but with a bit of adaptation – mine’s taller and thinner with a few hair curls and not such a frilly skirt… then I went off on one with the face – I’m thinking he looks like a cross between a flamenco dancer and a character from a spaghetti western – either way he’s pretty ugly! If anyone has any suggestions for names I’d love to hear them 🙂

Book number two is called Ami Ami Dogs(by Mitsuki Hoshi) – the title on the front of the book is so true ‘Seriously Cute Crochet!’ There are 12 different dogs to make, sitting up and lying down and different sizes too. The intro is a little confusing to start with as there seems to be some translation issues such as using the word knitting instead of crochet and also a couple of basic (but obvious) mistakes related to how to read the patterns. But… once you’ve got over that, the diagramatic patterns are quite useful and the photography is just lovely.

My first attempt was a small Japanese Shiba, he turned out quite cute but I made a few mistakes with introducing the second colour (I blame it on watching tellie whilst trying to read the pattern diagram without my glasses on!)

I haven’t tried any of the Crobots yet but I’ve had a good look through the book and I’m quite impressed with the instructions. The written patterns seem very clear and each one also has a ‘Blueprint’ to go with it – a drawing of the finished Crobot in pieces with pictures showing how to assemble the parts. Each Crobot has a full page pic of the finished article too. (Crobots – 2o amigurumi robots to make by Nelly Pailloux)

I’ve put Amazon links to all of the books as it’s often quite useful to be able to read the reviews before buying. I’d recommend them all but I think my favourite of the three is the Bakemono book for the clear instructions and the imaginative monsters.

Thanks for popping in. Shaz x


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