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Fabric House Christmas Decorations

I have quite a few craft fairs coming up over the next couple of months so I’ve been trying to get a few Christmas items made. I went to a Doughty fabric sale recently and bought some lovely cream coloured cotton with simple red Scandinavian style Xmas shapes and some pretty green flowery print cotton. I came home with a few other choices too – a very dangerous place to spend a fortune if fabric’s your thing!

I’d spotted some lovely hanging house decorations in one of my sewing books and fancied making up my own house pattern using the book method as a guide to putting them together. I used my newly purchased fabric plus a collection of other Christmas patterns from my stash. I’m quite pleased with them – just wish I had a lovely fireplace to hang a few from!

Pieces cut and being decorated with doors, windows, trees, buttons & …

Sparkly stuff!

All strung and sewn together ready for stuffing

All stuffed and closed ready for hanging

I’m hoping there might be the odd bright sky moment over the weekend so I can get some pics taken to put a few in my OddSox shop as well as my craft fairs.

Next task is to sew some orange felt carrot noses onto my latest batch of sock snowmen…

Have a good weekend all. 🙂


Fabulous Fabric Fish & Baskets

I’m doing a bit of multi-tasking this afternoon. My computer desk and sewing machine table sit next to each other so I’m alternating between listing some new fabric fish in my OddSox Folksy shop, and sewing together some fabric baskets with freemotion birds on the front.

The fish are made from a collection of really lovely fabrics. The 100% cotton fabric came as a ‘jelly roll’ (I think that’s what it’s called anyway) – which is about 40 strips of complementary patterns and colours 44″ long x 2.5″ wide from the  ‘Howard Marcus for Moda’ range. I think they are often used for quilt making but I don’t have the patience to make such a large item so fish it is!

Just got the blue ones left to list now…

This is my first batch of fabric baskets, they just need to have the ‘turning inside out hole’ sewn shut by hand. These will be coming along to my craft fairs which start next month.

After the fish listing I’ll be putting more new sock creatures and amigurumi cuties into the shop over the next couple of days – please do pop by and have a look.

Thank you and have a good weekend 🙂

Freemotion Embroidery Fun

I’ve been spending some time recently trying out a bit more freemotion machine embroidery, it’s very absorbing. I’ve found that the double-sided iron on interface really helps alot – it means that you don’t have to contend with the fabric layers slipping. I’m quite enjoying practicing my machine writing too. I bought a book a little while ago that has lots of useful tips on applique and freemotion embroidery along with some really lovely projects too – definitely worth investing in a copy if you’re just starting out with this kind of sewing. It’s called Scandinavian Stitches by Kajsa Wikman.

So here’s a small selection of what I’ve been doing…

I thought I’d try a little fabric portrait of my favourite sock gardener, Alan Pitchfork. Here he is with his very own ‘Alan’ purse!

This is a padded mat about 7″ square to use for standing hot things on, this is for my sister so I hope she doesn’t look at this before I send it to her! I tried a bit of freemotion writing on this one…

And then a few mini fabric baskets with teacups, apples & pears and cakes…

I think I might make some of the padded mats for myself – maybe in coaster sizes – I could do with replacing my current ones, and these were very easy to make – I used the method from the Scandinavian Stitches book. The fabrics for the images were from a mixed pack of 5″ squares from Stitch Me Lane on Folksy – she has lots of gorgeous stuff to choose from.

I’d love to see what freemotion embroidery projects others have been working on so feel free to leave blog links. Thanks for looking. 🙂

Chartreuse Celebration – Folksy Friday

CHARTREUSE, probably my top favourite colour for fabrics and jewellery although I’m not sure whether I’ve ever tasted the liqueur that gives it’s name to the colour. Cribbed from Wikipedia – ‘Chartreuse is a French liqueur made by the Carthusian Monks in the 1740s. There are two varierties: Green Chartreuse is a naturally green liqueur flavored with extracts from 132 plants with its coloring coming from chlorophyll; Yellow Chartreuse which has a milder and sweeter flavor and aroma.’

I’ve found some rather lovely Folksy items to celebrate this delicious colour…

Moka Express silkscreen printMengsel ‘Great gift for a “coffee” person – in a very retro-ish chartreuse colour. Hand pulled silkscreen print of my original hand drawn illustration. Printed with a water based ink in chartreuse on 300g snow white Snowdon paper. Signed and numbered limited edition of 50 prints.’

Porcelain Dot Pin Seaurchin Porcelain  – ‘I make these porcelain pieces at my home studio, meticulously texturing each one by hand (no stamps or texture sheets), sanding and glazing them. As they are fired at a high temperature, they are very strong and durable and easy to clean’

Green Ombre Kanzashi Flower CorsageCuttlefishlove Kanzashi ‘This many-layered kanzashi flower brooch uses the layering of the coloured petals to create a fresh green ombre effect. Perfect for a subtle green corsage!’

Chartreuse Crushed VelvetViolette & Rose Fabrics‘There are two pieces of this delightful fabric available’

Beaded Cuff with Antique Gold Toggle ClaspBloomin Gorgeous  – ‘I designed this cuff to show off the lovely green tone knitted wire background, having fewer beads and making it a light and airy style.’

Opaque Chartreuse, Blown Glass Bauble, Light CatcherCorrina Field Handmade  – ‘Bright and colourful glass ornaments handmade for you. Each one is unique! The very best quality glass colour is used, this is combined with clear furnace glass, blown and then shaped by hand’

Just click the pic or shop name to find out more. And if anyone reading has tasted the Chartreuse liqueur I’d love to know what you think. Happy weekend. 🙂

Busy DoorMice

Chatting DoorMice

I’ve been rummaging through my fabric stash for upholstery and curtain remnants to make my latest Doorstop idea – DoorMice.  They have big raggedy ears, beady eyes, button noses and hold their own tails up to stop them getting trapped under the door whilst they’re on duty!


Winning streak

After always whining about never winning anything, I’ve just had a really lucky streak!

IMGP3549Not one, but two original artworks from Fatema at Rara Avis, Shimmer on the Beach and Holiday Accessories.

Fatema creates wonderful art and stationery that is often inspired by fashion and cakes – not necessarily together!

sunshineI love this – it’s just like a sunshine which is exactly what I asked for! It’s from Zoe Sharp Crafts.

Zoe makes all kinds of lovely knitted brooches and lots of cute vintage retro fabric creatures – the yellow elephant is my favourite.


And then I received these inspired business card holders, hand made by Tia Lush (what a fabulous name!) from sample paint charts. Aren’t they great!  Tia is a graphic designer and has her own website called WhoAteMyCrayons where you can catch up with her latest innovations.

Thank you to Fatema, Zoe and Tia for my lovely gifts!

Every Pocket Tells a Story

My sister goes to a knitting group and they’re running this project. I thought I’d share it because is sounds really exciting!

The basic details are:

  • Make an A6 pocket – e.g. knit; crochet; fabric; recycled materials
  • Add a little story/anecdote/conversation inside the pocket
  • Send it off to be exhibited at Charnwood Museum in Summer 2010

It might be something that creative little ones would enjoy doing  as well as us bigguns!

The deadline has been extended to 31st March 2010 and updated entry details can be found on the Leicestershire County Council website

Download the original pdf here

Every pocket tells a story

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