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Amigurumi Animal Cuteness

Here’s my latest batch of Amigurumi creatures. If anyone is planning on giving a home to something cute I’ve just listed them over at my Folksy OddSox shop! My favourite is the little grey one with skinny legs.

The brown one is definitely a dog, the orange one is certainly a fox – the other two I’m really not sure – mouse? bear? lemur? …

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Sock Portrait of Lola the Boston Terrier

One of my customers sent me an email recently and asked “I wondered if you would be able to make a dog out of socks. Could you make one that looks like our Boston terrier Lola? I have attached a picture.”

She’s a lovely looking little soul with plenty of character so I definitely wanted to give it a try. Here she is…

I decided to sew her legs on using buttons so that there would be some movement and ability to pose her. Here she is sitting…

Lying down…

…and standing, albeit a little wobbly…

All in all I’m quite pleased with the result so I’m off to send the pics to Lola’s owner now to see what she thinks. Paws crossed!

The Gardeners are under Attack!

It’s been a busy and rather harrowing day for the Gardeners. Things started well, Alan spent a good half an hour trying to coax Snowy the GardenDog down from the Passionflower, whilst Bob kept himself busy feeding the Recycled Pond Birds.

alan encouraging snowy downbob feeding the birds

alan_and_percy with cashmereOnce Snowy had been rescued, Alan joined Percy Flowerpot who had found the neighbouring garden’s cat Cashmere. Percy’s a little distrustful of animals but Alan got stuck right in giving her a tummy rub!

OH DEAR! Not such a good idea… Poor old Percy takes the brunt. And he’s not the only one – looks like Bob’s got caught on his way to water the beans by Tabby Tog…

cashmere attacks percytog attacks bob

they all make a dash for itBetter make a run for it chaps! Quick Percy – she obviously likes the taste of you!

Hurry up Bob, jump in the bean bag, Percy needs to get on board too!

Looks like that was a narrow escape…

Safe at last!

safe at last

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