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SupaHero Sorts Sox!


Alan has been warned that if he doesn’t keep up a vigilant watch over the creatures the next visit by a SupaHero will be costing him his pocket money!

SupaHero is now flying off to Toronto to provide a helping hand to Ross Sockmonkey.

DON’T MISS OUT… If you’re in need of a SupaHero make sure you get your name on the list. Read all about it here Thingers & Fumbs or email SupaHero here:

Alan TicketMaster?

We’ve been to the cinema today and guess who had to come along…

Roll Up, Roll Up, getcha tickets ‘ere!

I think he secretly wants to be a movie star and thinks that this will get his sock in the door!

He’s such a handful but have no fear… there’s an on-loan Supahero about to arrive quite soon from Thingers & Fumbs


Alan in the Glasshouse

We visited the beautiful RHS gardens at Wisley last weekend. When Alan heard they have a Glasshouse he wanted to come too. I think it was mainly an excuse to get out of working in The Sock Garden on a hot day!

The Glasshouse

MMMM they look like pineapples - wonder if I could sneak one out under my hat?

No Alan, don't touch - you'll get us thrown out!

What beautiful orchids - Bob Flowerpot is going to be so jealous when he sees this pic!

Oh Alan - why do you always get into trouble - you'll have a very sore bottom for days now!

It's thirsty work trekking round the Glasshouse - just time for a quick drink before we go home.


Alan’s at it again!

Percy Grower, Bob Flowerpot and Alan Pitchfork finally ventured out into the garden today to start clearing up.

Stop hanging around and get on with it

Assessing the damage

Assessing the damage

Bob Flowerpot checks the Hyacinth growth

Of course it’s not long before Alan gets sidetracked with other things…

How are you my little HooterNinnie?

Alan gives Snowy the garden dog a pat

Alan feeds peanuts to the recycled garden birds

Alan rides the cock horse - "Look - no hands!"

That’s quite enough messing about for one day Alan, back to work before Percy has something to say about it!

Alan meets The Secret Gardener

percy 01It’s not often that grumpy old Percy Grower lets the other Gardeners have a day off. So when Alan Pitchfork got the chance of a few hours to himself he took full advantage and arranged to meet his friend The Secret Gardener (TSG).

He’s ‘Secret’ from Percy. Percy would  most certainly be jealous of the garden that TSG tends. Plus TSG is rather an expert at rearing delicate hothouse plants, something Percy has never quite achieved.

Anyway, you can see what a lovely day they had together. Alan even managed to smuggle his pet HooterNinnie out for the day!

Alan & Hootie make a new friend

Alan & Hootie make a new friend

Hootie tucks in to a bunch of berries

Hootie tucks in to a bunch of berries

Doing a spot of bird watching

Doing a spot of bird watching

Resting their weary stitches

Resting their weary stitches

TSG shows off his Aloe plant

TSG shows off his Aloe plant

TSG's favourite orchid

TSG's favourite orchid

Just enough time for a cream tea!

Just enough time for a cream tea!

Hop into the travel bag chaps and say Goodbye!

Hop into the travel bag chaps and say Goodbye!

After Alan, Hootie and The Secret Gardener parted company, TSG made his way off to a new home. His new home is with the young boy who designed him. To find out a few more of his Secrets you can follow him on his own blog:

The Secret Gardener!

A Herd of HooterNinnies

You may have seen these cute little Amigurumi creatures in the OddSox Folksy Shop. Well this is the story of how they arrived there…



The herb greenhouse in The Sock Garden has been invaded by HooterNinnies!

They’re munching their way through Bob Flowerpots prize parsley!

Bob’s not going to be a happy Gardener when he finds out!

H16O-Oh! What a surprise!

Alan Pitchfork is up to his usual tricks of fraternising with the Inhabitants.

I wouldn’t like to be in your socks Alan if Bob catches you feeding his mint to that little HooterNinnie.

OOPS! Too late…

ALAN! What ARE you doing?

ALAN! What ARE you doing?


No prizes for guessing what happened next.

Bob called Percy Grower in to deal with the situation.

Poor Alan is in a right tizzy watching Percy and Bob shooing all his new friends away.


Bob and Percy pack the HooterNinnies up into the yellow travelling bag ready to be shipped off to the Folksy Oddsox shop.

‘Goodbye and Good Riddance!’ they say.

But wait what’s this…


Oh Alan, you are naughty – you kept the Baby HooterNinnie!

But doesn’t he look happy!

Alan’s Antics cause Alarm!

Percy Grower decided the Gardeners had earned a day off. They met up with Cousin Charlie and took a trip to Stoke Bruerne. He planned a walk along the canal path, a visit to the canal boat museum and then a drink at the pub.


Alan got rather over excited at the prospect of a day away from The Sock Garden and got himself into a number of alarming situations, much to the annoyance of Percy.

Whilst in the museum he rushed ahead of the others and started clambering about in the tool display.


Alan that looks a little dangerous, mind the blade!


For goodness sake, how did you get in there! Percy to the rescue again!


He even managed to get himself stuck up the fire engine water hose and had to be heave-ho’d out!



That’s enough! Percy told Alan to go and wait outside before he caused anymore trouble and got them all banned.

But he just couldn’t resist a nosey round the gift shop first. He even managed to get stuck again!

Looks like all this commotion has driven the boys to drink!


It might be a while before Percy lets Alan out of The Sock Garden again!

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