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Sock Dragon & Vampire Monkey

I keep meaning to write a little post about these brilliant drawings by my god-daughter, she did them a few months ago when she was 8. She’s definitely got a talent with paper and pencil. I thought they were just right to work up into sock versions. This one is Rocky the Dragon, I particularly like his eye detail and great big toothy grin…



and this one is a rather scary vampire monkey, complete with scars, wounds and squirting blood!

evil sock monkey

vampire monkey

I really enjoyed making these from her drawings. I took a photo of each one alongside the drawing and put them into picture frames so she had Rocky the Sock Dragon and her brother had Vampire Sock Monkey for their 9th birthdays (a couple of days before Christmas).

I gave her a set of Sharpie pens and drawing pad for Xmas so I’m hoping I might get to see some new creature designs 🙂 Hint Hint!

Sock Bunny Making Birthday Party


My god daughter Lucy turned 8 just before Christmas and today was her ‘official’ birthday party. She invited four special friends to her house for a Sock Bunny making party. I had the pleasure of being Chief Bunny Maker and Lucy’s Mum was Assistant Bunny Maker.


All the girls had a bag of bunny body bits, stuffing, a needle and a ‘made by’ badge. They listened very carefully and soon got stuck into to pushing the stuffing into bunny legs, ears, bottoms, bodies and faces – we used chopsticks to help get into the little nooks and crannies. It’s quite a fiddly process and the girls made excellent jobs of creating their bunny bodies.


Next we were ready to start sewing.  The task was to attach bunny head to bunny body. I gave a short demo of how to do this part and again they were all very attentive and keen to get going. They did brilliantly with their sewing and we had a lovely set of bunnies all ready to have their faces put on.


After all that busy activity it was time for a lunch break. Chicken nuggets, sausages, crispy items, lots of lovely triangle sandwiches – we had to fight for the egg ones as young Paige was a bit of an egg sandwich fiend! We got away with only one drink being knocked over, fortunately just missing the bunnies in the corner – I think I soaked up most of it! Lunch over – time to choose faces & chop up some socks to make hats and clothes.


And here are the results of the girls’ hard work. Aren’t they good – each one completely different with its own little character. Great bunnies and a really lovely group of girls – very polite, well behaved and of course talented…





CHLOE made by Birthday Girl LUCY (with demo bunny Katie)

I think Willow the family dog was feeling a little bit left out as she brought her own soft toy along for a photograph!

WILLOW with her own bunny!

A big thank you to Lucy for letting me be Chief Bunny Maker, thank you to the Assistant Bunny Maker for being a brilliant helper and lunch maker and an equally big thank you to Eleanor, Ella, Paige and Louise for being such delightful young Bunny Makers. I hope you all had a good time. 🙂
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Matthews’ Monster Sock Spider

A few weeks ago my 7yr old god-daughter came round for a Sock Crafternoon and made a fabulously cute little sock teddy, complete with hat and belly button jewel. Today her twin brother Matthew came round for his Sock Crafternoon and we made something pretty scary!

We decided on a little plan of action, so whilst I made some sandwiches for our lunch Matthew got to work on drawing up his design and choosing the perfect scary sock, legs, buttons and eyes for the job. He’s been named Deadly Mont the Monster Sock Spider and this is the master artwork of him hanging from his poisonous web string.

You’ll notice that he has more legs on one side than the other due to some rather vicious battling, and during the making process Matthew decided it might be fun to sew his missing leg  to the wrong side! So he has 5 legs on one side and 3 on the other which makes him walk in a very strange way!

The reason that Mont is deadly is the rather cunning addition of a special web and poison chamber. It’s disguised by a button on the end of his tail that stores poison and has silky red web string wound around it. At a moments notice Mont can attach his web loop to the nearest object whilst spraying poison to stun his prey, sounding his internal squeaker alarm and dropping to a safe level during the stunning process. What a fiendishly clever idea!

So beware when you’re out for a nice country walk or maybe doing a bit of snipping in the garden, if you see anything resembling stripey legs poking out of the vegetation, turn and run!

Oh yes, almost forgot, Matthew said that the sparkle in Mont’s red felt tongue is actually spit… probably all that’s left of his prey after a tasty meal 😦

What a brilliant creature, even if he is a bit deadly! Thanks for a lovely afternoon Matthew 🙂

Sock Creature Crafternoon

This week I had a lovely afternoon of Sock Crafting with my 7 year old god-daughter Lucy. Her twin brother went ‘new trainer’ shopping with Mom while we rifled through the sock stash.

Here are a few pics of our afternoon:

Naturally we started with cake. The one at the front is a slice of delicious Lemon Drizzle cake made by Lucy (which translates into made by Lucy’s Mom!). We had little coconut thingies, a big stack of millionaires shortbread and pop.

Lucy also came bearing gifts that she had made herself. This gorgeous little sock bird now lives in the big plant in my living room. I love how it’s got eyebrows.

How cool are these little sock creature drawings? Top row third one along is the little bird and bottom right looks just like the Sock Squirrel I made for her. She’s definitely got an artistic flair.

These two are great fun because you lift them up to reveal….

…little Sock babies, ahhh!

So after having a lengthy peruse through ‘Stray Sock Sewing’ by Dan Ta she eventually settled on us having a go at making the Teddy Bear (for those of you that have the book, it’s page 122).

There are similarities but Lucy’s has a few little twists to make it unique. Here’s the result…

The bear in the book had a cute little raised belly button with an X in the middle but Lucy decided she’d like her bear to have a bejewelled belly button. It also has a rather lovely pair of stripey pants and a red checked bow.

And the finishing touch is a paticularly dashing pink sock sunhat.

She did almost all of the work herself – I think she did a brilliant job – what do you think?

The next session will be with Matthew – I think we might be making a dinosaur or an alien 🙂

Oscar’s 5th (Secret) Gardener

5th gardener

Secret Gardener

Oscar’s instruction for the 5th Gardener was simply to make him in ‘Gardener colours’. I know he’s not quite as grubby looking as the other 3, but he is still shades of green. As he’s obviously a lot younger than the other Gardeners I think it’s OK for him to look a little trendier.

He’s already been out on a photo shoot – this is his favourite (he’s actually quite vain!)…

The Secret Gardener posing with a giant crocus
The Secret Gardener posing with a giant crocus

Oscar designs PowerSox

Well Oscar has been very busy designing again! Oscar is my 7 year old nephew and he’s been creating all kinds of new creatures during his summer holiday. This is just one of the design sheets he’s given to me!


Oscar’s picture shows a lovely array of very colourful PowerSox creatures. The leader, and biggest of them all, is Strength – the stripey one in the middle. Strength’s employees get powered up by pressing the green triangle in the middle of their tummy.

I’ve had a go at making Strength, Anger (the red one) and Stretch (the yellow one).

What do you think Oscar?

Strength PowerSox with Anger & Stretch
Strength PowerSox with Anger & Stretch

Oscar’s Alien Sock Creature

A few months ago I did my first craft fair. I was really nervous and didn’t know what to expect. I roped my little sis Lou into helping me and we had a brilliant day! My 7 year old nephew Oscar kept popping by with his Dad to see how much money was in the pot and helped encourage people to spend money by asking ‘is there anything on the stall you’d like to buy?’. Good lad!

Anyway, the day after the event Oscar decided he’d like to design his own sock creature. I told him I’d make it up for him. I feel a bit bad that it’s taken so long but I think the result is quite a good likeness! I hope Oscar thinks so.

I might ask him to do some more designs for me, it’s quite exciting trying to interpret someone elses idea for a change.

Here’s the pic of Oscar’s original design work showing ‘SockoMow’ the alien sock creature and his little pink eyed travelling companion.

Alien design

And here’s the sewn up versions!

Design and Aliens

Real AliensWell, I’d best wrap the pair of them up and get them off in the post to Oscar – I expect he’ll want to show his Grandma and Grandpa his design work!

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