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Sock Giraffes

I’ve just finished my first little herd of newly designed wobbly legged Sock Giraffes. They’ll be coming with me to Loughborough Town Hall SOCK craft fair at the weekend and then I’ll make a few more for my OddSox shop. giraffes

Work in progress, the fiddliest bit is stuffing those long thin legs…


Inspired by my lovely little Lomonosov Russian ceramic giraffe that used to belong to my Gran.

ceramic giraffe

Unhappy New Year

Oh dear, not a good start to the new year. ‘The Cat’ who rarely catches anything he’s so dopey, brought this beautiful little chaffinch in this morning. First job of 2013 was vacuuming up lots of fluffy little feathers and telling the cat what a bad boy he was. Being a cat he could have cared less.Β  😦

Pretty Chaffinch


Walking Dead Sock Zombie

We’ve started watching ‘The Walking Dead’ in Thesockgarden house and we’re completely hooked. It’s so tense-making and incredibly addictive. So addictive that Mr. Sock has been sketching zombies and I’ve made myself a sock zombie bunny…

comin’ to get ya…

I came up with a novel way of making rather revolting innards. I used pieces of sheer tights filled with stuffing and snippets of red thread with random sewing and thread binding to make them look like guts, popping eyes, brains… you get the idea!

guts and wounds!

is it dinner time yet?


I really enjoy making these kind of sock creatures – it’s a good opportunity to do messy sewing and cut holes on purpose! What kind of zombie should I try next – I quite fancy doing a crazed dog. Any other suggestions?


This little monster is for my collection of misfits but if anyone wants something similar making do leave a comment here or nip over to my Folksy OddSox shop and send me an email.

Recycled Garden Sculpture – part 1

Do you remember a couple of weeks ago when we had our Summer? Well we decided it might be fun to give ourselves a craft project to do outside and settled on trying to make a garden sculpture. We didn’t really plan it other than knowing we wanted some kind of made up creature and for it to be sitting at about knee height. It’s not finished yet because we’re waiting for another sunny weekend so it may be next year, but here’s our progress so far…

…We started with a couple of large plant pots taped together at the centre and I found an old cone shaped planter basket in the shed that we thought might work OK for the nose. We started to wrap the whole thing with chicken wire and padded it out with shredded charity bags – we’ve got way too many in the house so a good way to get rid of a few…

… top half of the body is mostly padded out – now for chicken wire leg tubes…

… they get stuffed with more charity bags (using my faithful chopstick stuffer!), and a rather large pair of ears get attached. The ears are thick wire bent to shape with pliers and covered with a sleeve of chicken wire…

…next, arms – same method as legsΒ  (and oh look the sun’s shining!)…

…time for a quick sit down…

…and a little nosey around from high up (just to show the blue sky and big ears!)…

and now to the messy bit πŸ™‚ We bought a bag of undercoat plaster (huge 20L bag for under a tenner) and mixed up a tub full. Then we started to bandage the whole thing like an egyptian mummy. I had an old piece of muslin type fabric in my stash that used to be a bathroom curtain once upon a time so this got torn into strips roughly 2 inches wide. Next we dipped strips into the plaster mix, it was really awkward to try and stop them clumping into thin threads but we got there in the end…

…almost completely covered now and what a big mess we’ve made of the patio – oops!

So, this is as far as we’ve got – he’s sitting on a piece of MDF in the last patch of sun drying out.

Now he’s covered in plastic sheets while we wait for another decent sunny weekend and think about what to next. Ideally we need to waterproof him with something before doing any decorating.

All ideas would be really welcome πŸ™‚

New Sock Bunnies & Dollies

As I’ve just signed up to the Folksy Pro-Account which is a set fee to cover all listings made within a one year period, I’ve been using this opportunity to do some batch listing. My first two sessions include some new Sock Bunnies and some cute smiley Sock Dollies. Nearly all of them are available at my OddSox Folksy shop if you’d like to take a look at these and other Sock Animals.

A group of Sock Bunny Rabbits

A group of smiling DollySox

Which monster would you choose? Please vote

After a super weekend craft fair I have to stock up on Sock Cats, Sock Bunnies and Sock Monster Aliens ready for another fair on Sunday 11th at Penta Hotel in Reading. As I’ve got limited time I’d be interested to know which of the Monster Alien designs in the two pics below you would choose as your favourite.

Thank you to everyone who takes part and please feel free to leave any new suggestions in the comments πŸ™‚

Monster Alien - Pic 1

Sock Monster Alien - Pic 1

Sock Monster Alien - Pic 2

A Pile of Pixies

I’m currently working on a pile of little Sock Pixies with pretty ribbon hangers. I thought they’d make fun tree decs or stocking fillers. This batch are made from some gorgeous baby socks I found recently in Mothercare – one of my favourite places for a good selection of different designs and colours.

I’ve just had a coffee and cake break (New York Vanilla Cheesecake – scrummy) – now back to Pixie stuffing.

I’m hoping to have lots ready for my first Christmas craft fair on the 11th November. Of course if anyone wants one before then just let me know πŸ™‚ Or pop over to my Folksy OddSox shop as there are still a few Pocket Pixies.

Visit my OddSox shop



28th & 29th November 2015 - Yew Tree Garden Centre - Ball Hill - Newbury - 10:30am to 4:30pm - FREE ENTRY

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