Knock Knock, who’s there?

What’s your craft background & how did you choose your shop name?

It may not be a total surprise to many, but I have no crafting background (apart from my Mum working in a bona fide wool shop in the 60s, 70s, and 80s and she taught me how to knit and crochet etc). In fact, I am actually trained as a Lab Technician and have an HNC in Chemistry. My dalliance with crafting arose from a need (I had no calling alas! No dream, no yearning to create etc). As a company, we needed to find something that would provide us with a background income when the main part of the company was going though a rocky time.


The company creates prototypes, so when times are hard, companies cut back on development, so we get hit.  One of my colleagues mentioned that his son wouldn’t sleep at night because he was afraid of the dark. He wouldn’t sleep without a night light, or a hall way light on. Thus my colleague couldn’t get a proper night’s sleep either. Thus the Glowbile was created. Glowbile is what it says. A Glow-In-The-Dark hanging mobile. It stays bright for 8 hours and doesn’t disappear after 20 mins like the stickers that you put on the wall. We used my chemical knowledge with my co-workers model-making ability to obtain the solution to our dilemma. but now we are all adept at making the Glowbiles.

If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be?
I’d like to think that someone would actually find me interesting enough to write my biography, but I fear it would be a very thin pamphlet. That said, I would like the title to be something glitzy and sexy. Not dull like “Jamie! A life less ordinary”. How about “A Light in the Dark”, something that makes me sound interesting at least.

What was your favourite TV programme as a kid?

This will make me sound very geeky, but I just enjoyed it, and have never gone to conventions, remembered the episodes, learned Klingon or anything else that sad people do. It was Star Trek with Capt Kirk. However, I also liked The Persuaders (Tony Curtis and Roger Moore) and Pogles Wood. Make of that what you will.


If you were to be invited to a celebrity’s house for dinner who would it be and what gift(s) would you take them from your shop?

Assuming that the celebrity would have to be alive (my dead one would be Einstein or Newton), I would imagine that Jack Nicholson would be a good person to visit. He could certainly spin a yarn and tell of a few High Jinks. I would take him along a Glowbile, obviously finding out his birthday first. I think that its night time glow would appeal to him. I get the feeling that I wouldn’t do much of the talking!

How do you promote yourself?

My promotion is done on Folksy and will be on Twitter when I get enough followers. I’ve also gone onto other forums and chat and mention our website and go to Craft fairs, baby fairs and, basically, any way of getting the message across. Our big problem is letting as many people as possible know that we exist, and somehow trying to let the world know how we are different to the stickers that you buy and put on your wall; the ones that vanish after 1/4 of an hour.

If you were stuck on a desert island & were allowed to take one new crafting project with you based on something you admire in another shop, what would it be?

Assuming that I had to take another craft project and wasn’t allowed to take music, books etc, I would love to have a go at making NiftyKnits Meerkat  . Not only has she always been very kind to me, but as I was taught to knit as a youngster, I feel that I may have a shot at eventually doing it. Assuming that I was going to be stuck for many years, it would give me a while to make a few failures first.

What couldn’t you do without? Assuming that I’m not allowed to include my wife in the “couldn’t do without” section and let’s face it, that is sappy, I will include your next question in with this one…

What’s your favourite or most inspirational place?

It would be impossible to go to Cheltenham during the festival without a copy of the Racing Post. If you love either Horse-racing (which I do) or being in places with an unbelievable atmosphere, then Cheltenham at the big national hunt festival in March is unmatched. There’s nothing like losing your money with thousands of others to bring everyone into one big family of losers. And to harbour the illusion that “today is the day”, you have your Racing Post which will give you that edge (yeah right)!

Stencil Kit

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
The best bit of advice would almost certainly be something that I ignored, but the best that I remember is along the lines of “know what you don’t know”.

What question would you like to ask to yourself? And then answer it if you can!

As for the question I would ask myself, along with many others, that would have to be “Why do you bother”, and the answer would have to be because not bothering is not an option. The moment you decide not to bother, the darkness will swallow you up.


THANK YOU Jamie from Glowbiles for taking part in The Sock Garden Q&A – it’s been an interesting read.  And to everyone else, if you know someone who’s afraid of the dark at bedtime, a visit to Glowbiles might be the answer!



2 Responses to “Knock Knock, who’s there?”

  1. 1 Olly 25/04/2010 at 7:45 pm

    Interesting interview. I like her piece of advice about knowing what you don’t know! I’d definately go with that one Xx

  2. 2 heather aka NiftyKnits 25/04/2010 at 10:23 pm

    I shall be watching you carefully Jamie to see if you suddenly start selling glow-in-the-dark meerkats! As for twitter – you will find you attract more followers by following others first, and by tweeting 😉 Good luck with your shop!

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